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Kelsie Ruff Smith, Executive Director

Kelsie Ruff Smith assumed the role of Executive Director of Blissful Life Corporation in June 2018 after three years of serving on our board. Kelsie has been teaching yoga at Blissful Life since completing her YTT-200 program with BLC in 2015. A yogi since 2002, Kelsie's blend of Hatha-Kripalu-Vinyasa flow focuses on improving mental health and healing of traumas. Even her more advanced classes culminate in a sea of meditative relaxation to enhance stress reduction. Her 3 class rules are, "If it hurts, don't do it." She is also a certified Usui Reiki Master practitioner. Kelsie lives in Ocala with her husband, 2 beautiful bonus daughters, 4 rescue dogs, and cat.

Abby Sue

Originally from Nashville, TN, Abby Sue has been a student of Belly Dance since 2004. She has studied a variety of styles beginning with Cabaret and Tribal Fusion and considers herself a fusion artist. Abby Sue is a member of the flamenco fusion troupe Danza del Alma based out of Gainesville, FL and directs a local student troupe here in Ocala, FL. Through weaving her love of Tribal, Folkloric, Romani Gypsy, and Latin dances, Abby Sue strives to inspire students to explore the creativity within themselves and to build the confidence to share it.

"There are so many styles and teachers of Belly Dance to experience. I can teach you the basics but the rest is up to you. I believe that through Belly Dance, women can learn to accept and love themselves no matter their size, shape, or age. Come learn to love yourself with me."

New dancers, experienced dancers, non dancers, bad dancers, shy dancers, geeky dancers... All are welcome!

You can find Abby Sue online at www.BellyArtistOcala.com.

Alice Watts

Alice Watts, RYT500, Master Yoga Teacher, and Registered Nurse, appreciates gentle, healing asanas that honor self-acceptance. Her additional certifications include "Get Fit Where You Sit" Chair Yoga (accessible for all), Prenatal Yoga (also Baby & Me), and Creative Kids Yoga (Creative Movement, Art & Storytelling).

Calli Blok

Calli (right) has been a Hatha Yoga instructor since 1995. She's been fortunate to learn many styles through classes, workshops, and retreats (including Iyengar, Yin, and Kripalu). Her teachings have benefited from all of them. She also offers Mantra and Meditation on Sundays. A mantra is simply a repetition of sound or vibration. Meditation is simply sitting in stillness, just observing what arises and subsequently dissolves.

Daniel Ziadie

Daniel has been practicing yoga since 2006, initially starting for rehabilitation from numerous sport injuries. He practiced yoga on and off, learning and befriending several different practices on the way. He writes, "Throughout my adventures, I created a dynasty of knowledge. From different cultures, from food, and Spiritual practices. And on my new adventure, I decided to really further my practice within vinyasa and yin. I will receive my YTT-200 Hour certification in May 2019, and am considering pursuing the 500 hours to maintain as much knowledge as I can to enlightenment myself and others."

Rev. Danielle Morningstar

Rev. Danielle Morningstar is a energy healer, quantum light coach and intuitive artist in the Kansas City area.

Knowing there was more "out there" and with an interest in all things metaphysical, Danielle joined a paranormal investigation team where she soon found herself sensing and communicating with the spirits she was investigating, without any of the paranormal equipment she’d been trained to use. These experiences kicked off Danielle’s spiritual awakening.

On a quest for answers and an intense urge to help heal herself and other, she soon found herself learning various healing modalities such as Healing Touch, Reiki Seichim and becoming a Quantum Light coach. It wasn't long into this journey that she also found herself with a strange new ability. The ability to channel light language from the higher dimensions. What seemed very strange at first, something she would apologize for if it sounded "too weird," has become what she now considers to be an incredible and powerful gift.

"I just had to stop apologizing for it and allow my own Spirit Song to be heard."

Debbie Littlefield

Debbie Littlefield, certified hypnotist and certified mental strength trainer, founded her company Modify My Mind in October of 2017. While going through the process of creating Modify My Mind LLC, she found herself being pulled in the direction of stress reduction. It is her mission to restore peace in the hearts of humanity. With the workplace being a major contributor to our daily stress she reaches out to one of the most stressful positions to be in, Management.

A stressed manager has difficulty interacting with the team. They may be unable to express their ideas clearly and find it difficult to make decisions. Once they become disengaged the whole team suffers.

When we provide a solution to the stress of our leaders, they naturally become better leaders. They are making better decisions, interaction with their team becomes more meaningful, and the overall culture of the company improves.

Modify My Mind has combined the knowledge behind thinking systematically with the natural relaxing and calming attributes of hypnosis, allowing management to quickly and easily clear the mind and align with the project.

Just for a moment, imagine a company that not only taught clarity of thought, they demanded it. How much more would get done if the team is focused and engaged, intentionally working toward a goal?

Please feel free to contact Debbie via email at Debbie@modifymymind.com. Mention code "50 For Bliss" to donate $50.00 of your custom audio purchase directly to Blissful Life Corporation.

Donna Richins

I started attending yoga classes three years ago as a supplement to my workout. Looking for a solid stretch led me to my first class, where I found so much more. After recently completing my Yoga Teacher Training at Blissful Life, I want to help others find the amazing benefits yoga can bring.

Jenni Goosey

As an Authentic Tantra®️ Practitioner, and certified sexologist, Jenni loves to help individuals and couples use lineage-based Tibetan Tantra practices to release negative emotions and thought patterns that hold us back from being our true selves. Also, Jenni finds joy in helping couples create more intimacy and connection that will bring the relationship to new heights, and experience more pleasure in your lives.

Find out more about Jenni at www.blissfulconnectionsfl.com

Jennifer Kelley McCracken

Jennifer has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Wellness since 2001. Since her journey began, she has had many amazing opportunities to nurture balance in many lives.

Her Credentials:

Follow Jen at her website: www.jensyogaclass.com

Jenny Finneran

Yoga at first was only a workout for me. I just wanted the physical aspect so I could sweat as much as possible and stay in shape. I hopped around doing classes occasionally at random studios. Once I found a studio I fell in love with I was going there 5 days a week at least. I began to deepen my practice and really understanding the practice beneficial mentally too. I had no idea what it could do for the mind till I really let go of everything. Yoga ended up being an inward journey and led me to finding out more about myself then I could have ever imagined. I have became the best version of myself mentally because of this beautiful practice. I feel my truest self. Now after getting my certification my goal as a teacher is to give to all the students that cross my path the opportunity to feel what I experienced. Encouraging everyone to have open minds and hearts. Let your body and mind sync in peace and harmony. Yoga is more then a practice, it’s a lifestyle!

Julie Ganim

Julie writes, "Hello! I’m Julie, and Yoga has and continues to improve my life journey. I have experienced a wonderful physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation by practicing Yoga. My goal as your Yoga instructor is to guide you in your practice to grow and enjoy your journey." Julie's classes are often a beautiful blend of Gentle, Kripalu, and Restorative Yoga, which she marries together each week in our Chair Yoga class. "My hope is for you to gain strength and ease in your body, emotional balance, and a spiritual awakening. Hope to see you soon! Namaste and blessings."

Renee Howerton

Renee began her Yoga journey in 2015 when she attended her first class at the urging of her sister. Immediately, she knew she had found her home in the practice of Yoga as she began to feel happier, less stressed and her life became infused with renewed purpose as a Yoga teacher. She began her training in 2016 and received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification followed by her 500 hour Master Yoga Teacher certification in 2018. Her approach to teaching is a simple one: Help others find happiness through the many paths of Yoga.

Rhonda Woodard

Rhonda's yogic journey started when a wonderful woman she worked with started a meditation group using Paramahansa Yogananda Kriya Yoga techniques. Rhonda has implemented these teachings into her life, practicing spiritual principles. She has dedicated a room in her house to focus her energy with yoga, prayer, meditation, and mantra chanting. These teachings have helped her to start on a new Spiritual journey for the rest of her life.

"I have always been drawn to yoga because of how good it makes me feel. I had an enchanting experience in an Amrit Yoga Nidra class like I did in my first yoga class at age twelve. The Amrit method of Yoga called to my heart and I wanted more of this in my life. I researched how to get certified in Amrit Yoga level 1, I Am Yoga. Amrit Yoga Institute's 'posture of consciousness' program opened up for me to take my yoga training and received my 200-hour certification. I had a true transformation during my training at the Amrit Yoga Institute of:

  • Mind; my perspective on life has changed

  • Body; my gait has changed and my sciatica improved with this methodology

  • Heart; my voice has softened and my heart was healed from old scars

  • Soul; I Am

"Now it is my passion to open all hearts to Amrit Yoga as a practice for recovering from the stresses of life."

Sherry Striff

Not a single part of me liked yoga the first time I tried it. I left the class reminded of how clumsy and out of shape I was. I decided yoga was too hard for me, and I wasn’t flexible enough to do it.

Years later, I tried again. Through guidance from teachers, I learned proper alignment and how my breath could allow yoga to feel good; even for me!

Yoga has helped me learn how to support and have compassion for myself and others. It’s given me a clearer mind and a more limber body. Regularly practicing yoga has given me relief from chronic pain. I can even touch my toes now! And I no longer need to compare myself to others. I’d love to help you find any or all of these benefits.

Tracy Kendrick

Yoga has been a part of Tracy's journey for over 10 years now. Through her practice, it has offered her an awareness in which has created space from the obstacles in her own body (physically, mentally, and spiritually) to live a more flexible and fearless life, both on and off the mat.

"I have found that yoga is a relationship that is built between your body, mind, and breath while it has also inspired me to live each moment mindfully.

"It is my intention to share in and help others find their own release of 'letting go' so they can comfortably and competently move their bodies through life with liberation– Sat Nam"

Wendy Larroque

Wendy Larroque took her first yoga class 7 years ago at the urging of her daughter who was taking yoga while recovering from a sports injury. One class and she was hooked. As a busy, full time working mom and wife, she appreciated all the benefits yoga had to offer. Pursuing her teaching certification seemed a natural progression to diving deeper into the mind, body, spirit connection. She graduated in April of 2019 with her 200 hour certification from Studio SC here in Ocala. Her love of learning and passion for yoga pushed her to further pursue her certifications in Chair, Restorative I &II, Aerial, as well as Trauma. Wendy is also a Registered Cardiac Sonographer who hopes to bring yoga to her patients within her field of Cardiology for its proven effects on lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. “Everyone can do yoga! We can make modifications to accommodate any age, body type, physical limitation, etc. There are no limits here. To me that is one of the truest gifts of yoga. I can share it with anyone!

Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller has an extensive background as an author and business owner. She is the founder of Bare Feet Free Spirit, a website where she writes about meditation, relationships, parenting, and living life by your own rules. She thrives on helping women find harmony between all aspects of their lives so they can follow their passions while raising families, cultivating relationships and creating a life they love.

She is a lover of personal growth and is always learning and finding new ways to be effective. She has meditated off and on for nearly two decades, becoming serious about her practice about five years ago and becoming a meditation teacher in the summer of 2018. She offers a variety of guided meditations designed to help reduce and relieve stress, calm anxiety, find gratitude, and more.

Wendy describes herself as an introvert who sometimes pretends to be an extrovert. She works as a writer, virtual assistant, self-care coach and meditation teacher while also homeschooling and solo parenting. She lives in Ocklawaha with her two sons and what feels like a zoo full of animals.

Ambassadors of Nature

Ambassadors of Nature offers a unique, up-close experience to see the natural world right in front of you. They bring nature to you with an exciting presentation featuring their very own animal ambassadors. Their company has big aspirations to teach both children and adults about the world around us and the animals we share it with.

​Owner, Aimee Pritchard, has been working as a zookeeper and supervisor for over 10 years at top-rated facilities. During this time Aimee has worked with a multitude of animals from birds to crocodiles, and everything in between. She spent her childhood watching the animals at Silver Springs in Ocala, Florida, and as an adult worked there until the closing in 2013. Her true passion is sharing her love of nature and animals with the next generation. Inspiring our next generation is the key to saving species everywhere.

Visit them online at http://www.ambassadorsofnature.com.