COVID-19's Impact on Blissful Life Corporation

last updated: May 28, 2020

Thank you all so much for your participation in our #GivingTuesdayNow matching-fund initiative. We raised over $850.00 before our match gift, and we are so grateful for this donation. These unrestricted funds will allow us to operate at full steam for an entire month as we recover from the impact of the novel coronavirus.

While the matching gift initiative has ended, you can still Donate Now. We are continually grateful for your support as we work to heal trauma in the Ocala/Marion County, Florida community through yoga, meditation, and wellness.

Without your generous contributions, we would not be able to continue serving those who need us most in this time of crisis, uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety-driven fear. We know you understand that each dollar donated helps a fellow human find more inner peace, and we think those of you who donated to this effort in any way are simply the best of what humanity has to offer.

"Thank you" doesn't seem like enough, but right now, I am so overwhelmed by your generosity that there are few more words I can muster.

Humbly and warmly, my deepest thanks,

Kelsie Ruff Smith

Executive Director

Blissful Life Corporation

update: May 10, 2020

THANK YOU!!!!! to those who have contributed so far via our matching fund initiative for Giving Tuesday Now. We are so grateful for your contributions!

We have raised enough money to pay one month of rent, insurance, internet, and electricity. Without your generosity, that would not have been possible! We are very grateful for one more FULL month of sustenance in this unpredictable time.

If you have the ability to spare $20.00 today, your contribution will continue to ensure our students receive the classes they need, and our teachers will continue to be paid.

Our matching gift initiative will maximize your donation, no matter the denomination, now through May 26. Please give today at

While the COVID-19 situation is fluid, there are some things that can be counted on with Blissful Life: We are here. We are not going anywhere. And we will see this through together.

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email sent May 5, 2020

To our extended Blissful Life Corporation family:

We continue to be thinking of you in these challenging times. We know that the issues each of us are facing are real, and we are here to support you and help where we can. Please reach out and share with us how you are doing. If we can do anything to make your days a little better, please let us know (seriously… whatever it is, we'll give it our best shot).

I’m not sure about you all, but while the world looks unmistakably different right now, I find myself connecting and engaging with others more than ever, reaching out more to those who matter most to me, and exchanging mask-covered eye-smiles with those I pass that signals, we are all in this together. With all the upheaval and beautiful blessings it has brought, I’m reminded that circumstances like these have a funny way of focusing us on what is truly important and reminding us of what we may take for granted.

In the midst of the challenge, we are staying devoted to three things: our values, our people, and our growth mindset.

When this outbreak began, the Board and I made a commitment to our teachers and our students that we would do everything we could to continue serving them, our mission, and remaining open. Blissful Life Corporation is not a building or a yoga studio or a small business -- our organization IS our people. The majority of our teachers are gigging their way through private lessons, gym classes, and other yoga studios -- all of which have dried up to nearly nothing. By being able to keep them employed in some fashion with our pre-COVID class schedule in place as much as we can, we hope to provide them a shred of normalcy -- and income. Protecting their livelihood, however small our impact is, is a living embodiment of our values, our shared dedication to our community, and, frankly, just the right thing to do.

Blissful Life Corporation will emerge as a stronger organization as a result of the novel coronavirus crisis. We strive to protect what matters most: our communal sense of belonging. Since our creation, we have always been an organization that focuses on promoting wellness and healing, but at its heart, Blissful Life Corporation is a place where all who enter can feel like they are home. In today’s uncertain world, it is refreshing to be certain that those relationships remain our priority with every decision we make regarding our next steps.

With all of this said, we cannot do it alone. I have been waiting to write this message until it was absolutely necessary, and to send this to you on #GivingTuesdayNow seems incredibly serendipitous. Financially, Blissful Life Corporation is struggling. Our organization structure excludes our eligibility for the forgivable government loans, our reserves are depleted, and our income is sparse. We know that most of you are experiencing challenges in your life financially, and if all you can do is share this message, we are undoubtedly grateful. If you have the ability to spare $20.00 today, however, to ensure Blissful Life Corporation's future is secured through this crisis, we truly need your help. We have a matching gift initiative that will completely maximize your contributions, no matter the denomination. Please give now by visiting this website:

Either way this virus scenario shakes out, we are committed to remaining available to you as a community resource. While the situation is fluid, there are some things that we hope can be counted on: We are here. We are not going anywhere. And we will see this through together.

I am wishing all of you peace and hope in the brighter tomorrow.

Take care, and be well,

Kelsie Ruff Smith

Executive Director

Blissful Life Corporation


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