Ocala Sisterhood Tribe Women's Circle

& Meeting

Ocala Sisterhood Tribe Women's Circle

Quarterly - stay tuned for dates | 6:00-8:00pm

Due to COVID-19, our meetings will be postponed. Updates will be posted on Facebook and on our website when Circle resumes. Email OcalaSisterhoodTribe@gmail.com as Shelly determines the next steps.

Ocala Sisterhood Tribe (on Facebook: Ocala Sisterhood Tribe) meets at Blissful Life Corporation every month for their women's circle!

At circle we sit in a circle with an altar in the center, creating a sacred space. We share, support, drum, sing, dance, craft, and have games, ceremonies, etc. Each meeting is different. We may be a more active group than general women's circles. The only rules are respect, confidentiality, and to not establish differences, we do not discuss religion or politics.

~You may want to dress and appear in the way you WANT to BE.

~We're open to suggestions and requests.

~These suggestions are always welcome at our circles.


Ladies only, all ages. We are non-religious and accept all religions. RSVP and donations appreciated not required. Bring a friend! Dress-up accepted.

Facebook group: Ocala Sisterhood Tribe

Email schedule: OcalaSisterhoodTribe@gmail.com