2019-08-09: Sound Healing with Zac Raskin

Sound Healing with Zac Raskin

Friday, August 9 | 7:30pm

$20 Donation

at Blissful Life Corporation

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Come get transported through other dimensions in a very unique Galactivating sound journey experience that is designed to help activate your cosmic consciousness, remove blocks and raise your vibrations. Sacred instruments from around the globe will be used in this 2 hour group experience.

Please bring or feel free to use the studio's yoga mat, blanket(s), pillow and something to cover your eyes.

Zac has spent the last 5+ years of his life traveling around the world learning from different spiritual traditions in how to transform and evolve the cosmic consciousness and develop a strong lasting connection to source.

He saw that each tradition used sound in some way as a tool to help get people to the ultimate goal of awareness and connection and was guided to start collecting different instruments from around the world to create a sound journey experience that has been helping many people reach a higher level of consciousness and release lower vibrational blocks.