2019-06-01: Introduction to Yoga for Beginners - Three-Part Series

Introduction to Yoga for Beginners - Three-Part Series

led by Renee Howerton

Saturdays, starting June 1 | 9:00-10:00am

Suggested Donation: $45.00 for the three-week series

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Interested in trying Yoga but not sure where to start? This is your opportunity to learn the basic postures and breathwork techniques that are an integral part of the practice of Yoga! In an informal and non-competitive atmosphere, we’ll provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive individual instruction. You’ll also be introduced to the different styles of Yoga so you can connect with the practice that suits your body’s needs. We’ll review the science and health benefits that a regular practice of Yoga can bring to both body and mind.

Part 1 - Saturday 6/1

Introduction to Yoga postures, health benefits and brief history of Yoga. In the first class, we’ll review basic seated postures as well as the six movements of the spine. You’ll also learn the latest science proving how Yoga can contribute to a healthy lifestyle, reduce stress and improve mobility.

Part 2 - Saturday 6/8

Our series continues as we move to standing and balancing postures. We’ll also review different styles of Yoga and guide you through a sample of Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, and Hatha Yoga practices.

Part 3 - Saturday 6/15

The final class in our series will focus on breathing techniques and the role proper breathing plays in our Yoga practice as well as its role in reducing stress in every day life. You’ll be introduced to the use of props and other tools to enhance your practice and prevent injury.

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