2019-02-09: Ocala Sisterhood Tribe Meeting

Ocala Sisterhood Tribe Women's Circle

Saturday, February 9 | 6:00-8:00pm

Ocala Sisterhood Tribe (on Facebook: Ocala Sisterhood Tribe) meets at Blissful Life Corporation every month for their women's circle!

At circle we sit in a circle with an altar in the center, creating a sacred space. We share, support, drum, sing, dance, craft, and have games, ceremonies, etc. Each meeting is different. We may be a more active group than general women's circles. The only rules are respect, confidentiality, and to not establish differences, we do not discuss religion or politics.

Ladies only, all ages. We are non-religious and accept all religions. RSVP and donations appreciated not required. Bring a friend! Dress-up accepted.

Facebook group: Ocala Sisterhood Tribe

Email schedule: OcalaSisterhoodTribe@gmail.com