2019-01-15: Crush Cravings© with Vickie Griffith

Crush Cravings© with Vickie Griffith

Tuesday, January 15 | 6:00-7:00pm

Put Down that Cookie! Crush Cravings in 30 Seconds

Pizza, Chips and Brownies! Oh My!

You’ve started to eat healthy and a new exercise routine yet thoughts of food get stuck in your head and relentlessly barrage you until you give in. Making any vision of becoming thinner only seem impossible.

The stress and demands on your life impact your actions driving you to eat, overeat and overindulge. Only to start one more diet on Monday.

Crush Cravings©! in 30 Seconds

You will learn the technique that helped Vickie Griffith of BreakThrough to lose 49 pounds and KEEP it off for 18 years. Discover how to keep food cravings at bay, stop emotional eating and release added stress. This technique is so powerful you will be able to walk away from the craving without feeling deprived. The sense of freedom alone is priceless!

Vickie Griffith will be at Blissful Life Corporation sharing how to Crush Cravings© on Tuesday, January 15th from 6:00-7:00pm.

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