2019-07-14: A Taste of Tibetan Tantra

A Taste of Tibetan Tantra

with Jenni Goosey, Authentic Tantra®️ Practitioner and certified sexologist

Sunday, July 14 | 3:00-4:30pm

2100 SE 17th St, Suite 110

Suggested Donation: $15-20

Space is limited. RSVP today to reserve your seat: https://forms.gle/GN3D6vasUpvBjPEk6

“A Taste of Tibetan Tantra” will include information on what Tantra is and isn’t, and explain how we can you these practices to release stuck energy from our chakras. Together we will do a short meditation, and also learn some movement practices called “dancing the elements."

As an Authentic Tantra®️ Practitioner and certified sexologist, Jenni loves to help individuals and couples use lineage based Tibetan Tantra practices to release negative emotions and thought patterns that hold us back from being our true selves. Jenni also finds joy in helping couples create more intimacy and connection that will bring the relationship to new heights, and experience more pleasure in your lives.