2019-05-22: No One's Fool,

weight loss challenge

No One's Fool, weight loss challenge

with Modify My Mind

Wednesdays | 5:30pm

Starting May 22 for 6 weeks

Cost: $25.00 per participant

You are fooling yourself if you believe you can lose weight without a real plan. This 6-week challenge is designed to commit ourselves to weight loss with a solid plan and lots of support.

You will receive:

- Entry to cash prizes

- Hypnotic weight loss audio provided by Modify My Mind

- Meal plan

- Weekly weigh and measure

- Weekly tip and tricks are presented in a short class.

- Live group support

- Access to a private supportive FB page.

Cost $25.00 per participant

Here is what we do with the $25.00:

$5.00 will be donated to Blissful Life Corporation, and all the remaining money will be divided up into 3 cash prizes:

- 1st place

- 2nd place

- Most Inches Lost


- To give everyone a fair advantage, winners are determined by body fat percentage lost.

- Some rules apply to the cash payouts.

- Herbalife products will be recommended and promoted.

To participate, come to Blissful Life Corporation on Wednesday, May 22, at 5:30pm!