2019-05-17: Crystal Bowl Meditation

with The Healing Solutions Center

Crystal Bowl Meditation

with The Healing Solutions Center

Every Third Friday | 7:30pm at Blissful Life Corporation

Donation: $15-20

Come and experience a Crystal Bowl Sound Meditation with Certified Sound Healers Susan Cohen and Jeff Hammen of The Healing Solutions Center at Blissful Life Corporation.

This is a meditation that combines the playing of crystal singing bowls with silent meditation. When you listen to the sounds that are produced by the quartz crystal singing bowls you will feel the immediate and powerful mental, physical, and emotional impact they have on you. Crystal Bowl Meditation calms, nurtures, strengthens, and heals. The bowls are played to help keep the mind present and free from distraction and mental chatter. If you have never tried this meditation, you will learn that you feel completely at peace and rejuvenated by the experience.

This class is great for those who have never meditated before, and for the experienced person who wants to deepen their practice.

Musical frequencies have been proven by science to ease pain, harmonize brainwave activity, relieve stress, ease fatigue, and reduce anxiety. As you listen, you will become relax, and feel your awareness expand.

You can sit or lay down during this meditation. Wear comfortable clothing. We will supply yoga mats and/or chairs. If you wish, bring a pillow and/or blanket (or use one of the studio's) to increase your comfort.

Vibrational sound touches our bodies on a molecular and crystalline level.

The body is a network of vibrational fields and energy currents. Each individual resonates at his or her own vibration. Sound is an acoustical wave while color is an electromagnetic wave. The colors of the rainbow correspond to a specific musical note. This is in the same way that each chakra of the body correlates with a specific tone and color.

Although there is a tone and color that corresponds to each of the main nerve centers, each part affects the totality. This is important to know since each crystal bowl will affect the whole body. You may feel the effects in one section of your body more deeply, but the vibrational sound will also travel throughout your entire energy field. The human body and the entire earth are made up of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. When out of rhythm, disease and disharmony result. Therefore, vibrational sound healing addresses these imbalances or blockages of the energy channels.

All classes at Blissful Life Corporation are donation-based. This class is being offered for a $15-20 donation. Donate now at http://bit.ly/2rZ5GyJ.