Blissful Life Corporation

Welcome to Blissful Life Corporation, Ocala's only donation-based nonprofit wellness studio!

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, we are following the CDC's recommendations for physical distancing. Please join us for all of your favorite classes with your loved BLC teachers for live-streamed classes on Facebook. Visit us at

Blissful Life Corporation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, donation-based wellness, meditation, and yoga studio.

Blissful Life Corporation offers donation-based yoga classes, belly dance classes, Tai Chi classes, guided meditations, chanting classes, yoga therapy, workshops, and yoga teacher training, training for yoga and meditation, Reiki attunements, and other wellness modalities, all aimed at bringing mind, body, and spirit into balance. We firmly believe in the power of spiritual practice to enhance and transform the life of anyone who seeks balance.

We strive to be a haven for community and self-exploration for those looking to heal trauma through wellness. Our initial mission focused on domestic violence survivors and veterans suffering from PTSD. We aim to expand our services to be able to help all affected by trauma. Today, we want to target expansion to first responders, teachers, recovering substance abusers, and others who experience trauma or suffer from PTSD and related illnesses.

We offer our regular yoga and meditation classes on a donation basis in order to make mind/body/spirit wellness available to everyone seeking balance. Your donations sustain the space and teachers as we provide a safe space for gathering and self-exploration. Your generosity gives life to our mission to serve the community.

"Drop-In" Equivalent Donation: $10-15 per class

"Unlimited Class Pass" Equivalent Donation: $60-80 per month

Own a business and want a happy team? Check our our Happy People Program, starting at $50.00 per month (yes, that's it!).