Yoga Teacher Training & More...

Want to learn more? Want to become a certified Blissful Life Teacher?
Jennifer McCracken, our lead instructor, and Certified Yoga Therapist leads a series of classes that can help you go deeper into your own personal yoga practice, and if you choose, become a yoga instructor with the National Yoga Alliance.

Starting in October/November of 2017, Jen will be leading a series of workshops. Each workshop stands on its own for individual learning and qualifies as Continueing Education with the National Yoga Alliance. On their own these workshops can help you deepen your own personal practice, understand the mind/body/spirit connection better, and nurture a lifestyle of blissful living. 

For those interested in becoming 200hr certified Blissful LIfe Yoga Teachers and members of the National Yoga Alliance, the following requirements may be met within 2 years....

Attendance of a group of selected workshops
Online study materials
In-house teacher training modules with Jennifer McCracken
Apprenticeship at the studio